Main Layout

Our new, two-level layout is being constructed in a 25′ x 27′ room.  It represents the southern half of the Cincinnati Northern in the early 1950’s, as though it had remained independent from the New York Central Railroad.  We are envisioning what it might have been like if the Cincinnati Northern had become a major north-south regional railroad, serving local communities as well as hauling through freight and passengers.

Franklin, Germantown, Lewisburg, and Greenville are modeled on the lower level, and the upper level includes Coldwater, Celina, and Van Wert.  The latter features a large freight yard and engine servicing facilities.  There are interchanges with the PRR at Van Wert,  with the B&O at Carlisle, and with the Nickel Plate at Coldwater and Celina.  One helix  connects the lower (Blue Ash) staging with the upper (Jackson) staging, and another helix takes trains between Greenville, on the lower level, and Coldwater, on the upper level.  There are staging yards on both levels, representing Blue Ash and Jackson, respectively.

The layout is now operational, and we can run trains between Franklin and Van Wert.  Operating sessions, following a timetable and train orders, are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month.  Work on sidings, structures, and scenery is moving ahead.  Because the layout is still under construction, you will find club members busy with various tasks such as laying track, wiring, building structures, and installing scenery.  ________________________________________________________________________


We are modeling the prototype Cincinnati Northern by creating Layout Design Elements to represent particular scenes in towns along the layout.  Below are some examples.

Depot at Van Wert (post card view)
Model by Joe Suttman

Some Scenes along the Route

Way freight leaving the Van Wert Yard
Farm Bureau Co-op Lewisburg
Heeter Coal in Lewisburg
Miami Valley Paper in Franklin
Crossing the Great Miami River in Franklin
Homes and Cafe in Franklin
South bound stock train approaching Celina
DUPPS Manufacturing in Germantown
Plymouth locomotive kit bashed by Kevin Geiger
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