Kevin’s Komments 04/27/2021

Passenger Rail Service

For a while, I’ve been collecting pics on rail travel during the golden era of passenger service.

The first pic is a 1942 station photo – seeing the troops off.

I found a series of pics taken of Pullmans. I don’t have much info, but they show the opulence at the high end of Pullman service. First is a baffle connector between the cars:

Nothing like the observation deck of a classic Pullman:

Check out the railing on this observation platform:

high end Pullman car interiors:

Some Pullman lounge cars

Even the coaches were fantastic:

This pic was taken in 1947 aboard the Empire Builder – this is a long haul coach. Unlike modern airliners, you could recline your seat without ending up in the lap of the passenger behind you – even in coach class:

This is an interesting interior of a dining car that was displayed at the 1949 Chicago Railroad Fair:

Here’s a streamliner art deco lounge car interior:

This is a 1940 PRR art deco lounge car interior:

This is a Southern Pacific Coast Daylight lounge car:

This is a UP passenger car interior:

A lounge car on the City of Salina of the UP in the 1950s:

bunks on a UP sleeper:

elegant dining on a UP dining car:

I’m not sure of the year of this photo, but it appears to be either around our era, or maybe the early ‘60s – a UP dome car interior:

The guys in the photo are the Chicago White Sox, February 27, 1910 – at the Royal Gorge in Colorado on their way to San Francisco for their spring training.

And this is a completely different level of riding the rails!

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