Kevin’s Komments 12/26/2023

Christmas on the railroads

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a collection of pics. Work and outside activities seem to have wrangled away my spare time. But, the holidays bring in the Christmas spirit. And, I’ve been doing one of these yearly for about four years now…

This pic got me started: The Magical Christmas Train Ride in New Mexico – everyone should experience it at least once. Snuggle up with hot chocolate and watch a winter wonderland pass by as you chug along this Christmas.

I found a lot of pics of this train, but haven’t been able to identify it.

The Canadian Pacific always has some great Christmas trains.

4449 decked out and making an extra run.

Christmas on the trolley along a decked out boulevard.

The CTA Holiday Train (Chicago, IL).

Another view of the CTA Holiday Train.

I think this is a static display along the rails, but great spirit.

Huckleberry Railroad Caboose # HRR 0776 at Mount Morris, Michigan.

The Silver Dollar City train.

Enjoying the luxury of the Christmas Train rides at Tennessee Valley Railroad (Chattanooga, TN).

CP’s holiday train in Wisconsin.

Another of the Canadian Pacific Holiday train – back end.

The Pioneer Zephyr exhibit.

The Polar Express train at the Great Smokey Mountains.

Santa’s village in Jefferson, NH.

#17 decked out in New Freedom, PA.

When Santa needs a lift in Chicago, who does he go to?

A business car on the CP.

Time to move on (in Holiday spirit).

…I’ll try and get back on a regular schedule of pic collections next year (a New Years resolution!).



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