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Woodlawn, Ohio

Dayton & Western Traction Company; had tracks from Dayton, Ohio through West Alexandria, Ohio Eaton, Ohio to Richmond Indiana. First run was June 26, 1898 and lasted into the 1930’s. The Cincinnati Northern delivered coal to West Alexandria and set it out on the interurban exchange track for the traction company’s power plant at West Alexandria.

In Greenville, Ohio the Cincinnati Northern was crossed by the Dayton & Muncie Interurban at the Dayton & Union [D&U] crossing. This is on the north side of Greenville. The interurban began operation October 1, 1904. This crossing was used by the railroads into the 1950’s

The Fort Wayne, Van Wert & Lima Traction company was built in 1903 and had 62 miles of track. The first through interurban ran on September 20, 1905. This line lasted into the 1930’s. Twenty five miles of traction line paralleled the Pennsylvania railroad. There were many races between steam passenger trains and the interurbans with the passengers cheering the engineers on. The interurbans were reputed to have bested or tied with all the trains except the New York to Chicago 18 hour flyers.

There was freight interchange service at West Alexandria, Greenville and Van Wert. Interurban lines were located in Franklin, Germantown and Celina. At various times branches of the Cincinnati & Lake Erie terminated at these towns.

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