What is seen here are photographs of some of the interlocking towers that were on the Cincinnati Northern. These were located at every crossing of another railroad.

Photos courtesy of northamerican

West Manchester The Cincinnati Northern crossed the Pennsylvania railroad at this point, the first of several Pennsy crossings. The Cincinnati Northern tracks curve to the left in the left background. View is to the south towards Lewisburg, Germantown, Carlisle and Franklin, the starting point of the railroad.

West Manchester Cincinnati Northern tracks ran from the left foreground to the right. View is north, towards Castine, Savona, the Fort Jefferson gravel pits and Greenville.

Meekers The double tracked Pennsylvania crossed the Cincinnati Northern here on tracks from Columbus,Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana. View is to the west with a Pennsy passenger train in view.

Ansonia The Cincinnati Northern crossed the Big Four, later the New york Central, Penn Central and now the Norfolk Southern here. This photograph is looking east. In the very lower left foreground are the Cincinnati Northern tracks.

Ansonia This is the first interlocking tower north of Greenville and Meekers. At one time the Cincinnati Northern had a roundhouse here.

Ohio City This is a unique location. The Cincinnati Northern crossed the Erie and Wabash railroads here. View is to the west.

Ohio City This is a photograph of both the interlocking tower and the station. Cincinnati Northern tracks go from left to right and is the only interlocking tower between Greenville and Van Wert.

Van Wert Estry interlocking at Van Wert. Estry is a combination of the words “East Ray”.

Van Wert Estry tower looking east towards Van Wert on the Pennsy. Cincinnati Northern tracks are on the far side of the interlocking.

Van Wert An old photo showing the station for the Cincinnati Northern and Pennsylvania railroads on the right. Estry interlocking is on the left. The freight cars are on the interchange track between the two railroads. Van Wert Yards, the midpoint between Franklin, Ohio and Jackson, Michigan are in the distance. Jackson was the northern terminus of the railroad.

Van Wert A view of the control panel inside the tower.

Van Wert A copy of the blue print for Estry interlocking tower.

Cecil The interlocking at a crossing of the Wabash. Between Van Wert and Cecil there was a tower at Latty, south of Paulding. To the north of here were crossings at Sherwood [B&0] and Bryan (New York Central].

West Liberty This small interlocking was at the crossing of the Wabash on the southeast side of town. There was one more interlocking in Ohio at Alverton, the last town in Ohio.

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