Annual Report 1927-1928

Equipment in Service

12/31/1927 Grand totalNumber addedChange of classNumber retiredTransfer or change of classGrand totalNumber ownedNumber held under equipment trusts
For freight service29939261610
For passenger service5411
For Switching service1
Freight-train cars
Box cars174717451232513
Coal and coke cars755117533750
Caboose cars292929
Passenger coaches
Smoking cars101010
Mail and baggage cars3133
TotalsCoal and coke cars
Caboose cars111313
Company service equipment
Ballast cars777
Derrick cars444
Steam shovels111
Steel wrecking cranes111
Other roadcars32113232
Automotive Equipment
Mail and baggage cars444

Table of Tracks

FirstSecondYards & SidingsTotal
Franklin Jct to 1 Mile S of WaldronOhio165.2963.72229.01
S of Waldron to JacksonMich39.858.2048.05
Total Mail Line Owned205.1471.92277.06
Lewisburg Quarries1.341.34
Total Mail Line & Branch Owned205.1473.26278.40
l.ines operated under Trackage Rights
In JacksonMich0.640.711.35
In JacksonMich0.600.150.75
In CincinnatiOhio0.991.212.20
Ivorydale to Franklin JctOhio31.0028.7159.71
Ivoryddale to B&O JctOhio5.866.0911.95
Total Trackage rights39.0936.8775.96
Total operated milage244.2336.8773.26354.36
StateOwned 1st track milesAll track milesOthewise operated 1st track milesAll track milesTotal 1st track milesTotal All track miles

Traffic Statistics

Revenue Service19281927IncreaseDecrease
Freight Train miles52410059027866178
Passenger Train miles257612256924688
Special train-miles328351
Total revenue train mileage78174484728565541
Non-revenue train-miles6563119875424
Total train mileage78830785927270965
Locomotive Miles
Freight locomotive-miles58174365619474451
Passenger locomotive-miles74912904421553
Special locomotive-miles328351
Train switching locomotive-mites47971550377066
Yard switching locomotive-mites55212568951683
Total revenue locomotive mileage692449797253104804
Non-revenue service locomotive-miles6563119875424
Total locomotive mileage699012809240110228
Freight-train car-miles
Freight cars—loaded16164716182083432043627
Freight cars—empty1291310313328898415795
Caboose cars52570959168065971
Total freight-train car-miles29603528321289212525393
Passenger-train car-miles
Passenger cars268750287871
Sleeping, parlor and observation984984
Dining cars8080
Other passenger-train cars258143258854
Total passenger-train car-miles52795754672518768
Special-train car-miles
Freight cars—loaded160308148
Freight cars—empty5858
Caboose cars328351
Passenger cars649834
Total special-train car-mile256547291
Total revenue car mileage3013174132676193544452
Non-revenue car-miles6179913606374264
Total car mileage30193540328122562618716
Tons of revenue freight carried3,739,8334,233,240493,407
Tons of company freight carried140,547198,56558,018
Total tons of freight carried3,880,3804,431,805551,425
Tons of revenue freight carried one mile597,834,382685,010,30387,175,921
Tons of company freight carried one mile9,056,61810,868,6971,812,079
Total tons of freight carried one mile606,891,000695,879,00088,988,000
Miles of road operated in freight service243.63243.63
Tons of revenue freight carried one mile per mile of road2,453,8622,811,683357,821
Tons all freight carried one mile per mile of road2,491,0362,856,294365,258
Average distance haul of one ton of revenue freight(miles)159.9161.81.9
Average distance haul of one ton of all freight (miles)156.41570.6
Average number of tons of revenue freight per train mile1141116019
Average number of tons of all freight per train mile1158117921
Average number of tons revenue freight per loaded car mile37.037.60.6
Average number of tons of all freight per loaded car mile37.538.20.7
Average number of freight cars per train mile56.554.42.1
Average number of loaded cars per train mile30.830.8
Average number of empty cars per train mile24.622.62.0
Total freight revenue$3,891,947.47$4,461,649.75$569,702.28
Average amount received for each ton of freight$1.04$1.05$0.01
Average revenue per ton per mile$0.00651$0.00651$0.00000
Average revenue per mile of road$15,974.83$18,313.22$2,338.39
Average revenue per train mile$7.43$7.56$0.13
Number of interline passengers carried10,95113,2252,274
Number of local passengers carried31,024-39,1158,091
Total number of revenue passengers carried41,97552,34010,365
Total number of revenue passengers carried one mile1,724,5642,039,113314,549
Miles of road operated in passenger service206206
Number of revenue passengers carried one mile per mile f road8,3569,8801,524
Average distance each revenue passenger carried (miles)
Average number of passengers per train mile7.08.01.0
Average number of passengers per car mile6.07.01.0
Average number of passenger cars per train mile2.02.10.1
Total passenger revenue$57,607.54$69,559.02$0.00$11,951.48
Average amount received from each passenger$1.3720$1.3290$0.0430$0.0000
Average revenue per passenger per mile$0.0334$0.0341$0.0710
Total passenger service train revenue$117,327.44$128,151.53$10,824.60
Average passenger service train revenue per mile of road$568.50$620.95$52.45
Average passenger service train revenue per train mile$0.46$0.50$0.04
Operating revenues$4,061,793.23$4,636,369.00$574,575.77
Operating expenses2874043.273153644.05279600.78
Net operating revenue$1,187,749.96$1,482,724.95$294,974.99
Average mileage of road operated244.23244.23
Operating revenues per mile of road$16,631.02$18,983.62$2,352.60
Operating expenses per mile of road11767.7712912.61144.83
Net operating revenue per mile of road$4,863.25$6,071.02$1,207.77
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