Show Layout

The Cincinnati Northern Model Railroad Club has a 10-ft by 17-ft modular Show Layout. Construction started in the spring of 2000. Initial construction took about 3 years. The first irst time it was operational was late 2004. The first major displaying/operating of the layout was at the NMRA National Convention in Cincinnati in 2005. The layout was still in the “final touches” construction in 2009 and has been exhibited at many venues, including the 2012 NMRA National Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the 2018 NMRA Mid-Central Region Cincinnati Express convention, and the annual NMRA Cincinnati Train Shows.

The layout received two awards at the 2010 NMRA National Convention in Milwaukee:  the NMRA First Place Award for Modular Layouts and the DPM City Classics Award

Layout at the Lewisburg, Ohio, Bicentennial celebration in September 2018

Overhead View

Track Plan of the Show Layout

You can see photos of the construction of the show layout and more detail pictures here.

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