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Historical Photos

Stumbled on the Van Wert County Historic Society facebook page and found a few photos I wasn’t sure whether we had:

I’m not sure if this loco had anything to do directly with the Cincinnati Northern – It looks like it came from the Cincinnati, Van Wert, & Michigan RR, a predecessor of the Cincinnati Northern. It was probably narrow gauge.

CNor Engine #111 ride the turntable at the Van Wert roundhouse:

This is the power plant for the Van Wert roundhouse. Looks like the smoke stack is getting a make-over.

The caption is self-explanatory.

Remember discussing crossing towers?  This tower is at Middle Point, Van Wert County – not sure if it was on the Cincinnati Northern or possibly one of the crossing lines.

So…We were discussing NYC #6306 – the last steam loco on the Cincinnati Northern. Here’s NYC #6390 at Estry tower in 1954 (pretty close to the last run) – I’m guessing a class H6a or similar. 6390 also doesn’t fit the numbering scheme I was finding of the NYC loco roster. So maybe there’s some unique numbering of the locos assigned to the Jackson to Carlisle line (CNor).

Don’t look at this photos too closely. It’ll break your heart – the Van Wert station is a bit run down in the early ‘30s. Notes with this pic say the station was torn down between 1939 and the early ‘40s. (Wasn’t the last passenger run about the same time frame – 1939?)

This is the Van Wert roundhouse April 7th, 1903.  #108 had just pulled into the roundhouse that morning.  It turned lunch time, and all the roundhouse workers went home for lunch.  108’s boiler blew destroying most of the roundhouse while the workers were at lunch – it was reported that no one was hurt!

Not sure – but this looks like the original photo that was used for the colorized pic of the roundhouse.

This is my favorite of the sites CNor photos – It’ the Van Wert roundhouse circa 1910. I assume the roundhouse has been rebuilt after boiler explosion. You can see the smoke house from the power plant behind.

Anyways – I hope some of these are new to our collection.

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