Cincinnati Northern Reporting Marks

David Kullman

What should be the reporting marks on Cincinnati Northern Model Railroad Club rolling stock? CN is not available because it already belongs to Canadian National. Most of the kits that were produced for our club in past years bear the reporting mark CIN. CNOR was suggested as an alternative, but recent research by some of our members has revealed that the prototype Cincinnati Northern RR used NOR from 1923 until at least 1954. (CNOR didn’t appear until the 1970s.). Since we are modeling the early 1950s, it looks like NOR will become the official reporting mark for the CNMRRC.

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One thought on “Cincinnati Northern Reporting Marks

  1. Dave,

    I was going through a book on NYC motive power that provides rosters of the system’s predecessors back to the mid 1800s. Cincinnati Northern, of course, was listed, and there was quite a list of locos that were transferred from the Cincinnati Northern to the NYC (or Big Four). Interestingly, with all of our discussions of reporting marks centered around 20th century – specifically the ’50’s, it turns out that the Cincinnati Northern used CN in the 19th century. All the locomotives transferred to the NYC (Big Four) were designated CN #x!

    “NOR” is what we should use, but I don’t know how we retire all the “CN”s & “CIN”s on the layout!

    I’ll try and get copies of the loco roster and bring it in.


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